This last Monday marked the spring equinox, and yesterday Chef Nelson revealed to me that he's a Neopagan, wow! It came up because he was telling me about the specials menu, and his thematic move even further away from the banality of evil, from the material world's apparent narrowing of the collective psyche into shameless self interest.

 A convergence of spiritual revelers celebrating the Spring Equinox on a beach near Tulum, Mexico.

A convergence of spiritual revelers celebrating the Spring Equinox on a beach near Tulum, Mexico.

The celebration of the Spring Equinox, also known as Ostara, is astrological in perspective, even. To pagans it's one of the most important days of the year.  Regardless of our faith or creed, we can feel an awakening energy at this time of year in our bodies and souls; a freshening of our senses, and the breath of new vitality into our daily/nightly lives.   It is a time of renewal and regeneration, and this week's specials menu can put us in touch with that feeling.

Equinox Burger


  • A cheeseburger with a patty made from equal amounts of pork & beef in honour of equal amounts of sunlight and darkness, served with Gouda cheese, spring onions, sliced tomato & lettuce.
  • add Fries +€1.95 or Coleslaw +€2.50

Spring Chicken Stew


  • Vibrant and hearty stew of chicken, potato, spring vegetables & pesto.

Vivacious warm soups with which to welcome spring, pictured with Flessa Bräu's lively Manadarina Lager, made with fresh Mandarina Bavaria hops. All are available to go, bring some along to go flower gazing, or to a pagan equinox festival!

Minted Pea Soup

Small €4.00 / Large €5.75

A positively effervescent celebration of minty-ness, and at the same time hearty & satisfying

"Ostara" Pancakes

Pancakes with fresh pieces of apple cooked into them,
topped with a honey lemon crème fraîche & powdered sugar


Tangy and sweet, these pancakes are the perfect reward for having survived all those cold days, and long nights, of winter.  Try them with a bottomless cup of our light-roasted & organic house coffee!

Desserts of the Week:

Anna's Cinnamony Apple Pie €3.50

Chocolate & Hazelnut Brownie €2.50

Homemade Cinnamon Roll €2.50

Chocolate Chip Cookie €1.95

Ice Cream Sandwich €6.

----> Ice cream of your choice sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies