The French Election Happened: vive la france, vive l'antifascisme, vive le néolibéralisme!

Chef Nelson has once again found culinary inspiration in the world of power, politics and populism. What a treat for us that the presidential election last week was in a country with such a ridiculously good culinary tradition, not to mention that said country decided to vote as it did.  Our kitchen head has channeled this deliciousness, and these good vibes, into a very special suite of weekly specials.  Like the president-elect himself, Nelson has taken a path right down the middle...and the results are a landslide success.  Oh oui!  What we're talking about are some all-time "classiques français"! :

Croque Monsieur

French for "Mr. Crunch"!  


Croque Madame

French for "Mrs. Crunch"!

€5.50 / €7.50

  • Toasted Gouda cheese and ham sandwich with Dijon mustard and topped with melted cheese.
  • Add eggs and make it a Croque Madame.

Our neighbors to the west have perfected the ham & cheese sandwich! Meanwhile in Germany, it's almost impossible to find these two ingredients put between two slices of bread at any normal bakery. Pourquoi?!

American Pancakes "Suzette"


  • Like Crêpes Suzette but Nalu style
  • Typically French dessert sauce; butter, sugar, fruit (orange) and alcohol (Grand Marnier)
  • Pancakes in a great sauce, from the culture that invented the word "sauce".
 Franco-Americanische Freundschaft!  Maybe Trump and Macron will also get along this well together.  Mais peut-être pas!

Franco-Americanische Freundschaft!  Maybe Trump and Macron will also get along this well together.  Mais peut-être pas!

Coq Au Vin avec Olive Oil & Thyme Mashed Potato


  • Classic French casserole of chicken, red wine, mushrooms, carrot and onions
  • Served with flavored potatoes
  • Quantities are limited, come soon the get a taste of this's amazing, and goes together great with the Exorde "vin naturelle" that we always have on offer.

"L'ensemble Magnifique!": our limited-edition Coq au Vin with a the other French specials on this week's menu. All of them go great with "vin Naturelle" like the one that we have permanently on offer: a 2014 "Exorde", courtesy of Jean Francois at Le Goulot!

French Onion Soup

Small €4.00 / Large €5.75

  •  Vegan-friendly classic French soup.

Merci for reading, we're so grateful that we didn't have to give everything English names this's tricky adapting our menu to current affairs, and here's hoping that we continue to be inspired by them as positively as can be.