Help Wanted – All Irish (and Everyone Else) Need Apply!

Calling All Cooks!

As an American diner, we strive not only to serve a combination of both classic and newfangled North American Cuisine, but to do so in a restaurant that replicates the nuances of American culture. Simply put, we fancy ourselves a microcosm of the USA. And, just like the fifty states back home, we are a diverse population—from our patronage to our workforce—comprised of folks from all corners of the globe.

Therefore, as we continue our search for experienced line cooks, we’d just like to point out the fact that we’re eager to bring on board qualified people from a variety of backgrounds. A U.S. passport is not a prerequisite for employment at Nalu Diner. American cuisine, like the country it hails from, isn’t static; it’s everchanging, open to interpretation, and always waiting for the next stroke of genius—maybe from someone like you!

To prove our point, we’ve made a slight alteration to our beloved breakfast combo, Deuces Wild. The dish now comes with two tomato halves instead of slices—an homage to the classic English breakfast and a nod to the all-inclusive, international, borderless atmosphere of Nalu Diner.

Interested in working at Nalu? Please stop by to speak with our head chef or forward your CV to